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Our Mission

To connect with like-minded people to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged African children by providing them with quality education that will equip them with life skills to improve self and contribute to society.

Our Vision

To make the future brighter for the underprivileged children of Kenya.

Our Objectives

  • Payment of school fees/tuition and other levies.

Foundation Operations

  • Tuition for underprivileged high school students. This refers to students who are either about to join or are already in high school. Payment is made directly to the schools.
  • Tuition for the foundation beneficiaries who qualify to join College/University. Students supported by the Foundation who qualify to join college or university are usually approved for continued support unless something happens that disqualifies them.
  • School visits to check the progress of the beneficiaries. The Foundation normally monitors the students’ performance and discipline by visiting them and their institutions.
  • Home visits to the beneficiaries’ homes. Foundation staff regularly visit the students’ homes and speak with their parents or guardians to ensures that their home and family environments are conducive to the students’ educational progress. 
  • Seminars for the beneficiaries and their parents/guardians. The Foundation regularly holds teaching seminars and invites parents and guardians, to ensure connectivity with the families. The students and parents are educated on life skills and the importance of giving back to society.
  • Counseling classes for students and families. Counseling is provided to both the students and their parents or guardians to ensure the educational process continues at home and the students remain advised and motivated to complete their education. Most of our beneficiaries have had very traumatic experiences. Some were abandoned by their parents, others watched as their parents were killed, and others have suffered rejection by society in general. Through our counseling seminars, we help them to learn to cope in life.
  • Performance appreciation ceremonies. The Foundation celebrates with students who perform exceptionally well in school, something most of the families might not be able to do. This motivates and helps the students to develop a sense of belonging.
  • Birthday parties. The Foundation recognizes birthdays of its beneficiries
  • School shopping for orphaned children. Majorities of students who are unable to pay their school fees most certainly do not have money to do their school shopping. The Foundation has included the regular school shopping of such students in the regular budget. 
  • Seasonal celebrations shopping for the underprivileged families in the family. The Foundation regularly provides shopping for the students’ families to enable them to enjoy seasonal festivities, again, something that a majority of the families of supported students are unable to do. We have seen this bring a lot of joy and excitement to our beneficiaries and their families.
  • Monthly shopping for our orphaned children. The Foundation also extent’s its helping hand to the students and their families beyond school and Christmas shopping and does shopping for them during other times of the month, depending on the families need.
  • Job placement for our graduates. The Foundation helps the students where possible to find jobs. Finding a job in Kenya can proof to be a real nightmare to a student who has just left school.
  • House construction for some of the families according to need. The Foundation undertakes to build cheap houses for some of the families of students who happen to be living under pathetic conditions due to the lack of a good house or structure to live in.
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We appreciate every donation and make sure that it goes straight to helping a child in need acheive their dream of a high school diploma! Thank you for your gift!