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Education is the key to a better life. Kenya does not offer free education to its citizens. The government subsidizes education but not to the level that the underprivileged can benefit wholesome. many young adults find themselves with no resources to see themselves through high school. They want to learn and earn a diploma or a degree, but their dream remains but just a dream. This is due to some being born into poverty or being orphaned at a young age.

Parents/guardians struggle under the heavy load of school fees and with most not being able to carry it the children end up dropping out of school.

It is the cry of such desperate parents, guardians and young adults that Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation was founded. The focus of the foundation is to ensure any young adult willing to go through high school and turn around their lives tuition, room and board would not be the stumbling block.

Since the foundation was founded in 2012 we’ve had the privilege of educating young adults from high school through college. It is exciting to see hope come back in their eyes when they realize the opportunity to be in school with no worry of tuition, room and board. These young adults are given a new opportunity to dream, hope, and live again.

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