Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation helps pay tuition plus room and board for under privileged high school students in Kenya, Africa. The Foundation is also involved in community activities such as: supplying backpacks full of school supplies and snacks to children going to school.


Below are photos taken on September 3, 2016 in Isiolo, Kenya during one of the community drives. The event was organized by Minnie Ntinyari, a current foundation beneficiary. Additionally, the pictures below show the Foundation feeding families for the Christmas of 2012. The families that came to help us celebrate this occasion did not have much but we were able to bless them not only with food but the joy of Christ Jesus. When the foundation was formed it was mainly to help pay for tuition, but we saw there was also a need in the community for more. The pictures below depict the more we were trying to do by handing out food for later and also sitting down and enjoying each other’s company in the spirit of Christmas.

Feeding the Hungry

During the Christmas of 2018 Charles Musyoka Matuku foundation staff was busy distributing food to the underprivileged families in the community. We were able to provide enough food for the families to celebrate Christmas and have enough for the new year. The families visited had no plans to celebrate the great day but were overjoyed to know that someone thought of them. The love of Christ compels us to not only to preach love but to demonstrate it.


The foundation celebrates the graduation of two of its beneficiaries, Minnie Mbaabu and Angela Mwanzia. Both graduated with Bachelor’s degree in environment and education respectively. It was a dream come true and that’s what the foundation is there for, helping children realize their dreams by paying their tuition room and board

Meeting the Founder

The following are pictures of Monica Ellis the founder of the foundation with some of the foundation’s beneficiaries  and guardians as she vsited thie homes in Nairobi Kenya.


Joshua Kasyoka is cared for by his old grandmother and joined the foundation in 2016 as a senior in high school. After sitting for the exams, he scored very poorly and could not be admitted in the university.  After I learnt about his performance, I called him to find out if he would be willing to go back to school and improve his grades. Joshua did not hesitate but was ready to go back to form three which is junior high and work hard.

Joshua finished high school last year 2018 and performed very well he is now waiting to join the university.

It is a great joy to see young men and women from poor and very needy homes take a step towards changing their lives.